Prague Philharmonic Children´s Choir

Press reviews

“...a small but charming contribution from the Kühn Childrenʼs Choir...”
Kuznik, Frank. A dark update for Werther in Prague (review of the premiere of Massenet's Werther in the National Theater, 7. 6. 2018)

“The choir performed both famous Ave Maria by Tomás Luise de Victoria and contemporary pieces with self-confidence, bravura and humility that belongs to the real professionals. ... Modern and contemporary compositions showed the beginning mastery of the young singers.
... The choir performed with respect and ease compositions Peace Upon You, Jerusalem and Zwei Beter by Arvo Pärt. Their intonation certainty is admirable.”

Cidlina, Tomas. Review of the recital at Lipa Musica IMF, 17. 6. 2017. 

"The angel voices of the Prague Philharmonic Chidren's Choir lightened the performance in unearthly colors." 
Klepal, Boris. 
Review of the performance of the Damnation of Faust in the National Theater,, 10. 3. 2017

“At the finale the choirs were joined by the Prague Philharmonic Children’s Choir led by choirmaster Jiri Chvala and sang with angelic voices from the second gallery.”
Janackova, Olga. Impressive Damnation of Faust with Pavel Cernoch in the National Theater. Review, 10. 3. 2017, OperaPLUS

"In the second half the Prague Philharmonic Chidren's Choir performed under the leadership of Petr Louženský four absolutely different pieces with self-confidence and extraordinary ease. Among others the choir performed wonderful composition Zwei Beter by Arvo Pärt and spectacular and demanding Venecek by Zdenek Lukas. This peace was performed with admirable precision."
Vostřelová, Michaela. Princely entertainment with The King´s Singers and Prague Philharmonic Chidren's Choir, (review of the gala concert in Rudolfinum) Harmonie, 27. 2. 2017

"In the Carol the Prague Philharmonic Chidren's Choir showed again its mastery."
Stehlík, Luboš. Big radio concert (review of the concert of Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra), Harmonie 21. 12. 2016

“The Prague Philharmonic Children’s Choir performed folk lyrics originally intended for female voices with a beautiful cantilena, grace and intact interpretation. And this characterises the ensemble thanks to Jiri Chvala as the top of Czech children’s choirs.”
Tuzilova, Marta. Harmonie. Review of the CD with works by Jiri Teml. August 2016

“The performances of the orchestra, Prague Philharmonic Choir, Prague Philharmonic Children’s Choir and organist Aleš Bárta were first-rate and most professional!”
Stehlik, Lubos. North Bohemian Apokalypsis. Review of a subscriber’s concert of the Czech Philharmonic. 9. 3. 2016

"The Prague Philharmonic Chidren's Choir convinced everyone about its superb artistic qualities. Their performance was rewarded by a long lasting applause and an encore."  
Kolář, Jiří. Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir: family concert (review of the choir's concert at the Prague Spring International Music Festival 2015), Hudební rozhledy 07/2015

"...The Austrian singer showed her beautiful flawless voice. The same can be said about both perfectly prepared choirs, the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir (Jiří Chvála) and Prague Philharmonic Choir (Lukáš Vasilek)."
Žáček, Ivan. 
Mahler's third symphony with Bělohlávek and the Czech Philharmonic (review of concert at the Prague Spring Festival, 22. 5. 2015), Harmonie, 23. 5. 2015

"...It was a joy, as always, to listen to the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir. Their performance meets the highest professional standards."
Šerých, Anna. Boris Godunov - smutnoje vremja (review of the new inscenation of Musorgskij's Boris Godunov in the National Theater), Hudební rozhledy 05/2015

"All the choirs were perfectly prepared, especially the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir that showed on the big stage its precise intonation and color of the sound."
Vejvodová, Veronika. Musorgskij in the National Theater (reviwe of Musorgskij's Boris Godunov 26. 3. 2015), OperaPLUS, 27. 3. 2015

“It was exciting to watch how the superbly prepared Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir performed the Credo and how exact was their musicianship under the leadership of Peter Louženský with the orchestra."
"Perfect intonation and wonderful phrasing of the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir proofed their thorough preparation." 

Pokora, Miloš. Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir and PKF - Prague Philharmonia (review of a joint concert 18. 6. 2014), Hudební rozhledy 08/2014

“This recording presents the oldest functioning Czech children's choir in its current form, bolstered by flawless technology and colourful, compact sound. Behind this achievement is not only artistic leader Jiří Chvála, but also the team of choirmasters from the preparatory divisions, voice trainers and others, thanks to whom today's listeners can appreciate the living legacy of Jan Kühn.”
Michaela Vostřelová, review of the choir's new profile CD, Harmonie 5/2014

 “... Not only the exquisite voices of the choir's members, but the amazing choreography of Živana Vajsarová provided the audience with a present they are certain never to forget.”
Milena Jínová, Nymburský deník, 17. 4. 2013

 “... The Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir did not disappoint its fans, rewarding them with a superb performance… The concert enjoyed massive and well-deserved success, and the choir is definitely one of our leading ensembles in its field.”
Šimon Voseček, Smetana's Litomyšl international opera festival, 27. 6. 2011

 “...At the gala concert in Prague's Rudolfinum the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir entranced everyone… those in the audience held their breath and felt shivers run down their spine. The Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir has become a byword for high-quality choral singing, performed by talented young singers.”
Jiří Šmucler, Kühnův dětský sbor nadchl i arcibiskupa pražského Dominika Duku [Czech Philharmonic Children's Choir entrances Archbishop of Prague Dominik Duka],, 14. 12. 2011

 “...The high point of the Korean tour was a performance in the Seoul Arts Center (capacity 2,523). The sold-out hall applauded rapturously and demanded five encores.”
report from a tour of South Korea,  24. 7. 2007

 “The children from the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir literally shone like little stars.”
Article on the premiere of the musical Evita, Lidové noviny, 31. 8. 1998

 “This children's choir from Prague is wonderful. Not only do they have excellent technique and polished voices, but they sing with all their heart. The Czechs are the best. Not only did they win the European Grand Prix, but also the goodwill of all.”
El Correo, Spain, 2. 11. 1998

 “The choir was exceptional and brilliant as ever. Almost on the edge of professional perfection, which is not usual among children.”
Hudební rozhledy, 1. 7. 1990

“...I have never heard such vibrant and melodic joy in a young choir, vibrancy arising from clearly defined voices that, even in the lowest register deliver with irrepressible verve and dash.”
Eastern Evening Times, Britain, 1. 1. 1979

“The Prague Children's Philharmonic Choir showed convincingly what qualities of singing technique and expression characterise its art. The choir has a considerably dynamic range, constancy of intonation and rare purity in its individual voices. It is able to work with the colour and relief of the voice lines. Its voice culture is excellent.”
Milan Kuna, Hudební rozhledy, 1974

“Finally Czechoslovakia has a children's choir of the new type, a reproduction facility of capacious size and of exquisite quality…The choir is the highest level that we have reached in this field to date...”
Antonín Horejš, Rytmus č. 4-5, 1940