Prague Philharmonic Children´s Choir


"The King's Singers recently performed with the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir in concert, and we were all enormously impressed with the warmth of their sound, skills and blend. We enjoyed teaching and working with them very much."  
Christopher Gabbitas, The King’s Singers, February 2017

“You moved me. Thank you for what you have achieved in this performance.”

Miloš Forman, director, entry in the choir's chronicle after its performance in the production A Walk Worthwile, 2007

“Pure and beautiful voices, optimism and innocence. All the qualities that I tried to put into this work I found in this amazing young people's choir. I look forward to tomorrow's debut. I wish you all the best.”
Paco Peña, guitarist and composer, Prague Autumn music festival, 2004

“To the amazing Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir: thank you for your brilliant singing in Berlioz' Te Deum! Bravo!!”

John Nelson, conductor, Prague Autumn music festival, 2003

“I would like to thank the dear and excellent Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir with all my heart. You are a truly world-class choir, and as well as beautiful voices you have a beautiful soul.”
Ondrej Lenárd, conductor, Smetana's Litomyšl international festival, 2003

“I was reminded of my youth. They are as good as ever. They exude tenderness, calm and peace. And their intonation! Choirmaster Jiří Chvála is probably as strict as Kühn was, and that is how it should be!”
Václav Trojan, composer, 1983

“The Prague Philharmonic Children's choir is continually changing and yet always the same: brilliant and entrancing, often deeply moving in their beautiful, childlike sound. I greatly enjoy conducting them.”
Václav Neumann, conductor, 1981

“The choir had a greater or lesser role in almost every film that I made with Václav Trojan. The band of singers was so closely connected with my work in and outside film that nothing happened without them."
Jiří Trnka, artist, illustrator and director, 1962

“My songs (…) are just a small contribution in acknowledgement of the huge amount of superb work that this ensemble has loyally carried out over the past three decades in the services of Czech culture.”
Klement Slavický, composer, 1962