Prague Philharmonic Children´s Choir

Practical information

Here you will find all the basic information concerning membership in our choir.

The choir's departments, contacts
Where and when each choir rehearses
Rehearsals and absence notes
Login for members


The choir's departments, contacts

The children in the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir are divided, after testing, into several divisions that follow on from each other:

Kühňátka – preschool children from age 4
Preparatory choirs – A, AB, MV, M, VS and DSD
Concert choir – KO

Children are placed in the various divisions on the decision of the choirmasters and choirmistresses, the main criteria being their singing and musical ability, and with the age of the child also taken into account.
You can find more on the page Our departments

Contact persons:

Preparatory choirs and Kühňátka, Holešovice
Daniel Vidlák
Tel.: 702 005 216

Preparatory choirs, Stodůlky                                 Kühňátka, Stodůlky, Vyšehrad 
Jaroslava Průchová                                                    Zdeňka Erlebachová
E-mail:                   E-mail:
Tel.: 731 479 434                                                       Tel.: 604 946 556

You can find contacts to our management in Contacts page.


Where and when each choir rehearses

Where the rehearsals takes place?

Holešovice: ZŠ TGM, Ortenovo nám. 34, Praha 7 
Stodůlky: Culture center "Třináctka" Luka, Mukařovského 7, Praha 5
Vyšehrad: ZŠ Křesomyslova, Křesomyslova 2/724, Praha 4
National Theatre: National Theatre, Choir hall, Praha 1

Time schedule for season 2018/2019:


Rehearsals and absence notes

What should my child take to rehearsals?

All: slippers
Preparatory division and concert division: a stiff file for sheet music, with transparent A4 hole punched pockets.

Note: The Kühňátka do not need files, since they learn songs by ear. Their sheet music is mainly for the benefit of parents, who can then rehearse the songs at home with their children.

Absence notes

If you need to excuse your child from a rehearsal, please do so by e-mail only to the relevant address: – for the Kühňátka Holešovice (KHH), A, AB, MV, K, DSD and KO – for the M and VS divisions – for the Kühňátka Stodůlky (KHS)



The choir is a non-profit organisation. It is therefore important that members of the choir contribute to its running. The payment of membership fees is one of the basic duties of choir members, and payment on time ensures the choir has a balanced budget throughout the year.

Payment is due as follows:
1.semester – by 31. 10. of the year in question
2.semester – by 28. 2. of the year in question

Account number: 5181349 / 0800
Reference number: the PIN of the choir member, which can be found in the database or can be sent by us

Fees per semester:     

1800 Kč (Kühňátka)
2600 Kč (Concert and preparatory choirs)
Sibling discount: 500 Kč (for the second and each further child)
One-off discount: 500 Kč (if you introduce a new member to the choir and the new member pays the first semester's fees)


Login for members

We have our own internet database of the members of the choir, with a record for each child being created after their application is submitted. Unicorn Systems, which administers the database, will then send you access codes and instructions for using the database in the Plus4U system. The system contains a calendar of events and rehearsals relating to your child, and you may also download music for rehearsals, amend your contact details and so on. All personal data in the database is handled in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data.

You can find more in Login for members section on this website.


Choir costume

For concerts and other appearances, choir members wear choir costumes. Each new member is required to borrow the costume from the choir, with each division having its own costume. The choir member is required to keep the borrowed clothing clean and in good order.

A list of choir dress items together with the price of borrowing them and the amount of the returnable deposit to be paid can be found down here. The document is unfortunately in Czech only.

Koncertní kostýmy - kompletní informace(.pdf)